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"We were providing services in Christmas Island for a few years working with the local ISP, which has decided to stop, so we took over directly. We discussed with NBN and the government, and we agreed medical doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 to step up and maintain connectivity for Christmas Island," Beylier said. "NBN will take over some, not all, so we intend to be a long-term player in Christmas Island." Christmas Island is one of the only areas in which SpeedCast offers a retail service, and it only stepped up to do so when NBN was unable, Beylier said. He added that SpeedCast would also be happy to assist in any other areas where NBN is unable to provide coverage to pockets of the Australian population. "When I say coverage, or the reach, it's not just about footprint. It's also about line-of-sight issues because of natural obstacles, a cliff, a mountain that is between the satellite antenna and the satellite so you cannot get the signal -- so we think we can complement NBN in that regard," the chief executive said. "Anywhere in the world we can land a signal. Anywhere NBN has gaps because of the footprint or because of line-of-sight issues, we will be able to provide a satellite-based service using different satellites and also possibly different frequencies, because NBN is in Ka-band and in this region we would use mainly KU-band and doctor home loans Oak Opthalmologist home loan Great Ideas For Establishing Important Criteria For Doctor Home Loan Melbourne Victoria - CSL-AZ Laurel 0430129662 C band. "We also think that our customer base that we're serving today can benefit from NBN as a complement to the services we're currently providing to them.

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